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Retailers - reduce return fraud, wardrobing and price tag switching and improve your margins

Low cost, easy to use and will work with all labels

Zafari Seal - a leap in retail fraud prevention

Our labels are used successfully by several stores around Europe, where they secure items with sealed price tags and sealed return labels.

About Zafari Seal technology

Our patented label technology use unique cutting patterns that are easily applied, but can't be removed without tearing the label.

Sealed labelling is a smart, simple and inexpensive way to secure products in the retail industry.

Easy to apply no staff training needed
Low fidelity and low cost
Remove without damage and glue issue on goods
Compatible with industry standard printers and applicators
For retailers

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Simple and low cost Zafari Seal labelling is easily implemented in your current business. Sealed labeling will work with your current processes, tools and machines, and does not require any training of your staff.

Our team is ready for a free talk about your business and how you can benefit from sealed labeling.

For label providers

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We build partnerships with leading companies from around the globe. Are you an advertising agency, a label manufacturer or a reseller of labels, then you can benefit from a partnership with us. Work with us and add patented sealed labelling to your product range.

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